Innovation in Senior Placement

One of the most difficult times in a person’s life is the realization that they are unable to stay in their own home and will need to move in to a setting where they can receive increased care.  Amanda recognizes how important it is to match the right environment to the individual and how this contributes greatly to the happiness, quality of life, health and well being of our seniors.

Too many times in the past several years Amanda has seen patients placed in to a facility that is not appropriate to their care needs.   The negative impact this has had on these patients has been obvious and has contributed to increased health problems, hospitalizations and not to mention unhappiness

This experience has had a huge influence on Amanda’s desire to open a senior placement agency that stands apart from the rest and can truly match a senior to the right living environment.  Because of Amanda’s vast experience as a nurse practitioner providing primary care to seniors in their own homes, adult foster homes, assisted living, memory care and nursing homes she is uniquely suited to understanding which environment may be the better one for the individual

Services we provide:

  • In depth assessment of the senior: this assessment will include gathering the following information
  • Obtaining past medical history, including current health problems that may be driving a move to a new home
  • Information about the seniors ability to manage their activities of daily living
  • Medications that the senior is currently taking
  • Their family situation and the people that are important to them
  • Past hobbies, employment and the things that they may be passionate about and things that bring them joy
  • Financial situation to ensure that the facilities we will show you are within your price range

Once the assessment has been done we will provide you information on the different living options available, including adult foster homes, assisted living communities, memory care and nursing homes.  We will then tell you which living environment we feel  would most likely be the best choice for the individual we are working with.

Amanda will then schedule tours of homes that they feel will be an appropriate placement for the individual.  We will tour these facilities with you to ensure you are able to obtain the information you need and answer any questions you have


Why we stand out from other placement agencies:

  • In-depth Assessment:  Because of Amanda’s nursing and medical background she is able to provide a more thorough assessment of the individual and therefore has a better understanding of the most appropriate living environment.  This is unique and is a huge reason why we stand apart from the other placement agencies
  • We will tour every home with you and will not take you to a home we have not toured ourselves.  This again stands us apart from some of the other agencies that will just provide you with phone numbers and addresses so you can tour the facility on your own.
  • We have a very high standard of care and therefore we will only recommend homes or facilities to you that we would be comfortable placing our own family member in.  This does cause us to have a lower amount of homes we are willing to work with, however we take helping you place your loved one very personally and therefore would not be able to help place an individual in a home where we have concerns over the care being provided.


  • The cost of placing an individual is free service to the individual and their family.
  • The facilities do provide a placement fee to the agency once the individual has moved in to that facility.