“Magnolia” – the Adult foster home


“Magnolia” the foster home is dedicated to enriching the lives of our residents with compassionate care. Amanda directs the care of her residents with the philosophy that wellbeing encompasses physical health as well as emotional, social, and spiritual health and integrates this holistic approach in her care philosophy.

Magnolia Foster Care

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‘Whom is the right resident for Magnolia’?

  • Amanda feels “Magnolia” is a home that can meet the needs of the resident who is more complex and challenging, these may be residents whom would usually need more of a nursing home level of care. They may also be residents for different reasons have not done well in other homes.
  • Amanda always welcomes your questions about her home and whether your loved one would be able to get the care she/he needs at Magnolia. If she does not feel Magnolia is the right fit she is more than willing to help you find a home that would meet your needs.


Why we stand out from other homes

  • EXPERT MEDICAL OVERSIGHT: Amanda is a Nurse practitioner with over 25 years of experience in the medical and nursing field with the majority of that providing primary medical care to the fragile elderly patient. Because of her experience and licence she is able to provide many services that other homes cannot – this has included in the past short term intravenous antibiotic therapy, intramuscular injections, blood draws, urinary straight caths. She is able to recognize when a resident is not doing well and quickly able to intervene which helps to limit hospitalizations and emergency room visits which can be very distressing to the care home resident Her ability to communicate effectively with the residents medical providers is also unique in the foster home setting
  •  HIGH CAREGIVER TO RESIDENT RATIO: Typically we have 2 caregivers every morning until 1pm, then again have 2 caregivers over the dinner hours. This enables our caregivers to give quality personal care to our residents, this not only affects the quality of life and happiness of our residents but also contributes to their general health and wellbeing.
  • 24 HOUR AWAKE STAFF: Magnolia now provides an 24 hour a day awake staff which is unusual in the care home setting
  • ACTIVITES AND EXERCISE: Amanda truly believes that the health, wellbeing and happiness of our residents stems from them remaining as active as possible – both physically and mentally. Most care homes do not provide structured activities or exercise, Magnolia is the exception to this and not only has a personal trainer in the home 2-3 x a week but also a music therapist, horticultural therapist and has the ability to provide art therapy as well. Amanda is always willing to work with families to look at other options for activities as well
  • ORGANIC/FREE RANGE MEATS/DAIRY PRODUCTS AND LOCAL PRODUCE: We provide nutritious home cooked meals and try to accommodate the individual likes and dislikes of our residents. Amanda is dedicated to trying to support the local farmers and tries to use local produce that is organic. She also feels strongly about purchasing dairy products and meat that is humanely raised and as local as possible.



  • Because Magnolia is a home that is able to provide care to the resident with higher needs and is a wonderful alternative to the nursing home for long term care she prefers to have a flat monthly rate that includes all of the residents needs a s well as providing all of the above services. She does not have a base rate and rate schedule that most homes have
  • This rate would likely not increase as care needs increase except if the resident requires true 2 CGs to meet their needs for transfers etc or as cost of living rises.
  • Please feel free to contact Amanda about the rates directly